Trump's 'shithole' remarks are 'unacceptable,' 'surreal'

Trump's 'shithole' remarks are 'unacceptable,' 'surreal'

Ricardo Rossello called out President Trump on Friday for his "unacceptable," "surreal" comments about foreign countries.

It is surreal at this juncture to imagine that this was said by the president," Rossello said during a town hall meeting in Kissimmee, Fla., when asked about the remarks Trump reportedly made a day prior.

Trump pushed back on the reports on Friday, but did admit to using "tough" language.

Rossello was in the continental U.S. to advocate for a supplemental hurricane aid package, relief from the federal tax reform package, and Puerto Rican statehood.

His reaction to Trump's comments contrast with the general praise he gave the president for his administration's response to Hurricane Maria after it struck the island territory in September.

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