Tuberculosis Vaccine Could Offer “Major Advancement” in Treatment

Tuberculosis Vaccine Could Offer “Major Advancement” in Treatment

Now, researchers writing in npj Vaccines have found evidence that a humble, century-old tuberculosis vaccine can send blood glucose levels dramatically down in a small but long-term study of patients with advanced Type 1 diabetes.

Most research focuses on prevention of diabetes or the treatment of early onset cases, but this study looked at patients with advanced diabetes who had lived with the disease for about 15 to 20 years.

“Effectively, instead of having a pancreas to regulate blood sugar...their white blood cells are taking sugar out of the blood in a regulated fashion,” Faustman said.

Andrew Hattersley, a professor of molecular medicine at the University of Exeter Medical School, in the U.K., told SMC the study involves “far too small a number of people studied to suggest this should be considered a potential treatment for people living with Type 1 diabetes.”

A phase two clinical trial is taking place at Massachusetts General Hospital, testing BCG vaccines in 150 patients, STAT reported.

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