Turkey allegedly bought Israeli electronics, sold it to Iran

Turkey allegedly bought Israeli electronics, sold it to Iran

The United Nations (UN) has opened an investigation into Turkey allegedly selling electronic equipment to Iran included in a list of items banned for export to the Islamic republic, thereby violating a Security Council resolution on the matter.

The contraband shipment contained CSP 180/300 model capacitors manufactured by the Israeli company.

The CSP 180/300 model capacitor sold to Turkey made its way to Iran (Photo: Celem Power Capacitors website)

Trump national security adviser Flynn was also investigated on whether Turkish President Erdo?an asked him to secure Zarrab's release (Photo: EPA)

Moreover, NBC News reported previously that Special Counsel Robert Mueller—investing the Trump administration's ties to Russia—examined whether Erdo?an had offered Michael Flynn, former national security adviser to US President Donald Trump, 15 million dollars to extradite Erdo?an's chief political opponent cleric Fethullah Gülen—currently living in self-imposed exile in the US—to Turkey.

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