Turkey Arrests Cult-Leader Islamic Televangelist — and His Scantily-Clad Dancing 'Kittens'

Turkey Arrests Cult-Leader Islamic Televangelist — and His Scantily-Clad Dancing 'Kittens'

Adnan Oktar, an Islamic television host long accused of running a “sex cult” in Turkey, was arrested on Wednesday along with over one hundred of his supporters, many among them his scantily-clad female accomplices he calls “kittens.”

Turkish prosecutors are accusing him of sexual assault against many of his followers, some still minors, among a long list of other crimes that includes “military espionage,” fraud, money laundering, and blackmail.

The pro-Erdo?an newspaper Sabah reports that Oktar and what pro-government outlets are now referring to as the “Adnan Oktar Criminal Organization” are being charged with “a long list of crimes, from running a criminal organization to political and military espionage, from sexual abuse of minors to blackmail … money laundering, fraud, exploiting religious values for fraud, bribery, blackmail, violation of privacy, insult and violation of counter-terrorism laws and laws against violence towards women.”

Hurriyet reports that the criminal complaints against Oktar state that victims of sexual assault and blackmail range in age from 11 to 40 and prosecutors have charged Oktar with 31 crimes.

The Post notes that Oktar is also being accused of violating a new anti-terrorism law that grants Erdo?an expansive powers to go after Gulen’s supporters.

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