Turkey targets left-wing news agency in press crackdown

Turkey targets left-wing news agency in press crackdown

Turkish-German journalist and translator Adil Demirci was detained by authorities last week, one year after his ETHA news agency colleague, German journalist and translator Mesale Tolu, was herself detained and subsequently arrested.

It is also not known exactly when Demirci, Sahin and Gayip, the three latest ETHA journalists to be detained in addition to the various ongoing trials against eight employees from the news agency, will appear before the court or whether or not they will be sent to prison.

ETHA Editor-in-Chief Derya Okatan describes the news agency as an "independent" media outlet that aims to make "the voices of the oppressed heard," including the LGBT community, women, youth and Kurds, as well as minorities like Armenians and members of the Alevi sect of Islam.

The news agency also publishes video statements from members of the banned Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP).

"This is not only about ETHA news agency," said Okatan.

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