U.N. Received 138 Allegations of Sexual Misconduct in 2017

U.N. Received 138 Allegations of Sexual Misconduct in 2017

(UNITED NATIONS) — The United Nations received 138 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse in 2017, some involving multiple perpetrators and victims and over 40 percent arising from its peacekeeping missions, a U.N. report said Tuesday.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in the report that the 62 allegations against personnel deployed in 10 peacekeeping missions and one political mission was a decrease from the 104 allegations reported in 2016.

Guterres said that last year a “no excuses” card outlining the responsibilities and obligations of all U.N. personnel in preventing and reporting sexual exploitation and abuse was distributed in the U.N.’s six official languages as well as local languages to all U.N. staff that operate in the field.

The secretary-general said last year’s data showed that 41 of the 62 allegations against personnel in peacekeeping and political missions involved 101 military personnel, 10 involved 23 police personnel, and 11 involved 11 civilian personnel.

The data showed a decrease in allegations involving the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic, from 52 in 2016 to 19 in 2017.

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