U.S. Army Challenges Las Vegas Hockey Team Over 'Golden Knights' Name

U.S. Army Challenges Las Vegas Hockey Team Over 'Golden Knights' Name

The U.S. Army has filed a trademark challenge against a Las Vegas hockey team over its use of a gold and black color scheme and the name “Golden Knights.” Saying that the Army’s elite parachute team has owned the name and colors for decades, a report says.

The Army charges that the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team violates trademark and copyright laws because the Army Golden Knights parachute team has used the name and color scheme since 1969, ESPN reported.

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, the Army says the NHL team “has chosen and used a similar black+gold/yellow+white color scheme on uniforms, marketing, advertisements and its hockey arena, mimicking the opposer’s colors and further adding to the likelihood of confusion of the public.”

“Sometimes, you need to step back and put aside what the cases and rules say, and ask yourself — would someone mistakenly buy a ticket to a Vegas Golden Knights hockey game, thinking that they are buying a ticket to an Army Golden Knights parachute event?

I just don’t see it, and I would be surprised if the TTAB (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board) rules in the Army’s favor,” Craft said.

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