U.S., Canada Will Discuss Intercepting Ships Trading with North Korea

U.S., Canada Will Discuss Intercepting Ships Trading with North Korea

The United States, Canada, and other nations invited to multilateral talks on North Korea’s nuclear crisis will discuss the potential of taking proactive actions against ships believed to be aiding trade between Pyongyang and foreign nations to enforce sanctions, the State Department confirmed on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, Brian Hook, director of policy planning for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, confirmed that multilateral talks in Vancouver, which Tillerson is scheduled to attend on Tuesday, will attempt to find new ways to put the pressure on the rogue communist state to abandon its illegal nuclear weapons program.

The Vancouver Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Security and Stability is a joint U.S.-Canadian effort to which members of the United Nations Command Sending States coalition, which supported South Korea in the Korean War, are invited.

Trudeau has argued for expanding the pool of nations involved in efforts to denuclearize North Korea, and suggested the idea of inviting one of North Korea’s most loyal allies, the fellow rogue state of Cuba, to talks, as well.

The United Nations Command Sending States list includes Colombia, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Ethiopia, but not China or Russia.

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