Ubisoft Says It Won't Remove Russia From Its 2018 Olympics Game

Ubisoft Says It Won't Remove Russia From Its 2018 Olympics Game

Earlier this week the International Olympic Committee announced Russia was banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Despite that news, Russia is going to remain in the winter sports sim Steep Road to the Olympics, at least for now.

Road to the Olympics is a new expansion to the 2016 winter sports game Steep, and one of only two official 2018 Olympic games (the other is another of the biennial Mario and Sonic Olympics competitions).

Road to the Olympics was released on December 5, the same day the IOC announced Russia had been banned due to its role in an elaborate doping scheme.

This is especially interesting given the game’s expansion is based around Olympic qualifying and lets you choose which country your fictional athlete will represent on their journey to qualifying for the Winter Olympics 2018 and becoming “a legend.” The whole point of the IOC banning Russia in the first place is to punish them for cheating, so taking out any references wouldn’t necessarily be a surprise given Road to the Olympics is officially licensed.

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