UK Govt Lawyer Declares 'Mother' Not Gender Specific

UK Govt Lawyer Declares 'Mother' Not Gender Specific

Government lawyers earlier in the hearing referenced civil servants who had suggested the parent, referred to as ‘TT’, could be named on the child’s birth certificate as “male mother.”

The hearing is ongoing, and if the child is determined ‘motherless’ and the parent the ‘father’ or the court agrees with the British civil servants that the parent can be identified as a “male mother” — removing motherhood from the privilege of biological womanhood — it could result in changes to British legislation.

Meanwhile, France’s National Assembly voted on Tuesday to replace ‘mother’ and ‘father’ with “parent 1” and “parent 2” on school paperwork as part of sweeping progressive reforms aimed to make schools more inclusive of “homoparental” families.

“We have families who find themselves facing boxes frozen in social and family models which are a little outdated.

The National Assembly also voted this week to may it law that all classrooms must display both the French and European Union flags, with those on the populist-right objecting to the mandatory Brussels flag as “unconstitutional.”

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