Understanding the Origins of Libya's Slave Trade

Understanding the Origins of Libya's Slave Trade

In February of 2017, a video surfaces of the Libyan coast guard whipping asylum seekers and migrants at sea.

Later, Qaddafi insisted that the European Union pay Libya $6.3 billion annually to keep refugees from reaching Europe, suggesting that Europe might otherwise "turn into Africa," given the number of black asylum seekers who would reach Italy if the E.U.

Years later, in a tweet dated January 28th, 2017, Netanyahu applauded President Donald Trump's desire to build a wall to keep refugees from Mexico and Central America from crossing into the United States.

The number of asylum seekers reaching Italy's shores plummeted in 2017, but as recently as 2013, Italy was running a highly successful rescue operation called Mare Nostrum.

paying Turkey €3 billion to ensure that Syrians and other refugees never make it to Greece, the U.S. paying Mexico to ensure that children fleeing the gangs of Central America's Northern Triangle never make it to America, Israel building its southern border fence to keep Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers out, and Australia maintaining numerous, horrific offshore detention centers such as those on Manus and Nauru.

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