Uninvited Guaido Pretends to Speak to U.N.

Uninvited Guaido Pretends to Speak to U.N.

President Juan Guaidó, the legal head of state of Venezuela, delivered a “General Assembly” address to the United Nations Wednesday despite not being invited to attend the global event, broadcast simultaneously to the official address to the U.N. from Venezuela by socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Maduro did not attend the general debate last year, sending instead his then-Vice President Delcy Rodríguez (Rodríguez is currently Maduro’s economic minister).

This year, in response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the United Nations is holding the high-level General Assembly meeting virtually, broadcasting speeches from heads of state speaking in their home countries.

Machado refused, issuing a public statement condemning Guaidó for failing to support the use of international treaties to demand international aid in removing Maduro.

The TIAR requires that member states offer military aid to the legitimate government of a member requesting aid in fighting terrorism, gang violence, or sedition.

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