Universal theme park visitor suing over 'deceptive' unlimited soda deal

Universal theme park visitor suing over 'deceptive' unlimited soda deal

Luis Arnaud, from New York City, has filed a class action lawsuit against NBCUniversal over what he feels is a “deceptive” business practice regarding Universal Orlando’s offer of unlimited soda refills from the parks’ Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

Arnaud, who filed the suit on Thursday, claims he was denied his “unlimited” sodas during a visit to Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay back in July, alleging that he purchased a refillable Coca-Cola Freestyle cup for $16.99 under the understanding that he would be entitled to “unlimited” refills, the New York Post reports.

However, during his two days at the park, Arnaud claims he was denied a second refill after “quenching his thirst,” and was told he would have to wait 10 minutes between each refill.

You are not quite ready to fill up,” read a message displayed by the machines after Arnaud attempted to refill his cup twice within ten minutes, according to the Post, citing photos provided with the lawsuit.

Representatives for NBCUniversal and Universal Studios were not immediately available to comment.

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