University of Wyoming Cowboy Slogan Called 'Racist, Sexist'

University of Wyoming Cowboy Slogan Called 'Racist, Sexist'

Critics, including liberal professors and Native American groups, are attacking the cowboy slogan as racist and too “masculine,” according to Fox News.

The university’s mascot is a cowboy riding a bucking horse.

Another critic, Darrell Hutchinson, who calls himself a “cultural specialist,” told Reuters that the mascot and slogan make people feel unwelcome.

“If we’re striving to be a diverse university, exposing our students to a broader scope of ideas, we have to invite them in a more positive, inclusive way,” Boggs insisted.

Jim Magagna, executive vice president of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, criticized the attacks saying that the campaign to eliminate the school’s mascot and slogan unfairly maligns the “time-honored way of life and work” that the cowboy mascot represents.

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