'Voters Said No to Radical Liberal Policies'

'Voters Said No to Radical Liberal Policies'

Republican Dan Bishop celebrated his defeat of Democrat Dan McCready in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District race Tuesday evening, thanking the president for his support and declaring that North Carolinians sent a message to Washington by saying “no to the radical liberal policies pushed by today’s Democratic Party.”

“The voters said no to the radical liberal policies being pushed by today’s Democratic Party,” he declared:

“I’m going to Washington to lead that fight on behalf of the Ninth District,” Bishop said before thanking President Donald Trump for leading the charge.

A man who is — I think undoubtedly — the greatest fighter to occupy the White House, President Donald J. Trump,” Bishop said to applause.

President Trump celebrated Bishop’s victory in a series of tweets Tuesday night, writing in part, “BIG NIGHT FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

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