Was city commissioner justified in pulling the trigger?

Was city commissioner justified in pulling the trigger?

Surveillance video released by Lakeland Police Department shows the violent ending when shoplifter Christobal Lopez was fatally shot by Lakeland City Commissioner Michael Dunn.

Lakeland police Monday released video of Dunn shooting a 50-year-old man in the side as the man attempted to leave Dunn's store.

The video, taken from the Vets Army Navy Surplus Store at 819 N. Florida Ave., shows Christobal Lopez trying to break away from Dunn's grasp as Lopez opens the door to leave the building.

After the shots were fired, Dunn can be seen holding the door of the business open as Lopez's body twitches, positioned face down on the concrete pavement at the entrance.

Another portion of state statute says a person "has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground'' if he or she thinks deadly force is necessary to prevent death, great bodily harm or commission of a forcible felony like robbery.

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