WATCH: Texas Family Finds 7-Foot Gator Under SUV

WATCH: Texas Family Finds 7-Foot Gator Under SUV

The Sugar Land family quickly called for help from the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office after finding the alligator hiding out in their driveway under the rear of their black BMW SUV, ABC13 reported.

Sugar Land is located to the southwest of Houston in Fort Bend County.

The Fort Bend County deputies confirmed the sighting and called for reinforcements from the Texas Gator Squad, a non-profit group established to safely and humanely recover alligators who encroach on the homes and ranches of area property owners.

The group’s founder, “Gator Chris” Stephens and his crew responded to the call for help and brought the animal under control after it did not appear to want to leave its hiding spot, the Houston ABC affiliate reported.

While it is “extremely rare” for an alligator to chase a person, Texas Parks and Wildlife officials report gators can move up to 35 miles per hour over short distances.

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