Wendy's faces lawsuit for unlawfully collecting employee fingerprints

Wendy's faces lawsuit for unlawfully collecting employee fingerprints

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in Illinois against fast food restaurant chain Wendy's accusing the company of breaking state laws in regards to the way it stores and handles employee fingerprints.

Plaintiffs, represented by former Wendy's employees Martinique Owens and Amelia Garcia, claim that Wendy's breaks state law --the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA)-- because the company does not make employees aware of how the company handles their data.

Wendy's also doesn't provide a publicly available retention schedule and guidelines for permanently destroying employees' fingerprints after they leave the company, plaintiffs said.

In late 2007, a biometric company called Pay By Touch, which provided major retailers throughout Illinois with fingerprint scanners to facilitate consumer transactions, filed for bankruptcy.

attorneys' fees, plaintiffs also want Wendy's to disclose if it "sold, leased, traded, or otherwise profited from Plaintiffs' and the Class's biometric identifiers or biometric information," and if Wendy's or NCR have ever used plaintiffs' and any of the subsequent class filers' fingerprints to track them.

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