We've Known of Deadly Virus for a Month

We've Known of Deadly Virus for a Month

A Wuhan resident from Bogotá told Colombian newspaper El Tiempo on Thursday that residents of the Chinese metropolis were aware of a flu-like illness spreading “before 2019 ended,” weeks before the Communist Party publicly revealed an outbreak of a newly documented deadly coronavirus.

The Chinese communist regime officially alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) of a mystery virus on December 31 but state media were insisting the virus was “no need to panic” as recently as last week.

Anonymous reports from doctors and other medical professionals in Wuhan suggest that Communist Party officials are actively refusing to document suspected cases, rejecting patients with symptoms requesting virus testing, and identifying some victims as simply carrying “pneumonia” without noting an origin.

By this week, health officials had placed temperatures scanners in nearly every public area and shut down restaurants and other public spaces.

The American outlet Radio Free Asia (RFA) also reported on the bizarre death of Chinese environmentalist Xu Dapeng this week of “pneumonia.” Xu and his wife, who died ten days before him, reportedly shared symptoms with coronavirus carriers, but doctors refused to test either of them or their daughter, who is still alive.

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