'Will & Grace' Attacks Trump Supporters, Declaring Them 'Neo-Nazis'

'Will & Grace' Attacks Trump Supporters, Declaring Them 'Neo-Nazis'

NBC’s Will & Grace resumed its attacks against conservative Americans, describing those who protested against an explicitly anti-Trump bakery as “Neo-Nazis.”

On Thursday episode, “The Chick or the Egg Donor,” Jack and Karen are discussing ways to rescue a baseball team bought under Katen’s name by her ex-brother-in-law Danley (played by leftist actor Patton Oswalt).

However, she quickly realizes that the woman is Amy, a bakery owner who faced angry protests from Trump supporters after she refused to bake Karen a Make America Great Again (MAGA) cake in the previous season.

The conversation quickly turns to Jack noting that the incident turned the bakery into a “hub for Neo-Nazis,” before Karen suggests they change their team name to “Racist Jokes,” which she claims America “will love.”

Many fans have attacked the show for being too political, as it regularly explores left-wing themes such as anti-Trump hysteria, disdain for conservative values, and the promotion of the #MeToo movement.

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