With Endless and Unnecessary Lockdowns You Get Riots

With Endless and Unnecessary Lockdowns You Get Riots

Democrats locked young people down for no valid reason for an indeterminate amount of time and now we got riots.

Did you think you could lock down millions and millions and millions of young people for no valid reason, give them no reopen date — rob them of their jobs, of school, of structure; remove the social outlets — sports, bars, parties — that allow them to burn off energy and aggression, to blow off steam, and there would be no consequence?

Worse still, and exclusively in the Democrat-run states and cities that have so far seen the worst violence (Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, New York), young people are still locked down, and they’re locked down with no end in sight because their idiot political leaders (all Democrats) keep moving the goalposts and still refuse to offer a clear reopening deadline to grab hold of.

And then there is the simple fact young people were and are locked down for no valid scientific or moral reason.

Just when the citizens of these states and cities believe their Democrat leaders are going to set them free, it’s two more weeks, two more weeks, two more weeks…

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