Woman Forced to Be Getaway Driver on First Date

Woman Forced to Be Getaway Driver on First Date

Christopher Castillo used a dating app to choose an unwitting woman as his getaway driver on their first date.

According to the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office, Castillo, also known as the “Bad Wig Bandit,” plead guilty to charges of armed robbery, and three counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

All of these crimes were committed on December 5, 2016 — Castillo’s first date with an unnamed woman he had never met in person.

Castillo then allegedly asked her to pull in to the Bristol County Savings Bank for a moment.

Castillo entered the bank, pulled a gun on a teller, and demanded $1,000 because he was “really hurting.” After taking the money, he ran out of the building to his date’s Nissan Maxima, holding his sunglasses, hat, and gun.

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