World Rejects ‘American Values’ Like Freedom and Democracy

World Rejects ‘American Values’ Like Freedom and Democracy

China’s state-run Global Times cited a few polls and Western op-ed pieces on Sunday to argue the world has rejected “American values” like freedom and democracy.

In the Chinese Communist paper’s view, the U.S. response to China’s coronavirus pandemic, unrest in the streets, and “division and confrontation between political parties” prove the U.S. system does not work and America’s “global leadership is declining.”

The Global Times continued China’s ugly effort to profit politically from the pandemic it unleashed by claiming the U.S. and its allies – including Canada, Japan, and Australia – are no longer respected because they “handled the epidemic badly.”

The editorial argued that democratic values such as transparency, accountability, individual liberty, and free elections have been exposed as worthless because authoritarian China supposedly did so much better at handling the coronavirus:

It hopes to adopt direct and rampant measures to prevent other countries from making progress and taking the lead,” the Global Times concluded, seemingly predicting the United States will abandon its “hypocritical” concerns about human rights and become more like China.

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