Your survival guide to the coming blizzard of Pentagon papers

Your survival guide to the coming blizzard of Pentagon papers

“There will be a classified one that is relatively thick,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters last week, “There will be a shorter one that will basically lay it out, unclassified.”

The Nuclear Posture Review: Late this month, the Pentagon will release the results of its year-long review reassessing nuclear policy, capabilities, and employment concepts.

The Ballistic Missile Defense Review: This review is expected to be released next month.

Against the backdrop of increasingly aggressive and credible threats from North Korea to lob a nuclear-tipped missile at the continental U.S., this review will examine the effectiveness of America’s multi-layered missile defenses, and make recommendations about how to make the shield more reliable and effective.

The National Military Strategy: In addition to the National Defense Strategy developed by the office of the Secretary of Defense, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs develops his own separate strategy document that focuses on developing war plans and the capabilities for carrying them out.

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